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May 02, 2013


The owner of the Sno Cone Joe franchise reportedly stalked a Mr. Ding-a-Ling ice cream vendor, telling the man, “You don’t have a chance! This is my town!”

(Thanks to Catherine Thatch, B'game, R&L Stevenson, Little Big Man, Matt Filar, Janice Gelb, jon harris, oneblankspace and Gene)


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"I own this town!"

"Sorry Mr. Trump. I had no idea you were Mr. Ding-a-Ling."

In the movie version, I see Schwartznegger playing the Ding-a-Ling man and Jack Nicholson as the Sno Cone Joe villian. Lots of blood...ooh...ooh...final seen: Nicholson's blood going all over a snow cone and Arnold picking it up and chomping on it.

No, Arnold and Danny DeVito.

You're welcome! Wow, my name's in lights!

Ya think this guy used to sell crack on a street corner?

No Mister Softie, this guy . . .

Ice cream vs. snow cone. Really? A Good Humor bar will beat crummy ice any day.

I sense a cable television show in the works. Coming soon, Ice Cream Wars.

this was a local story up here near the state capital of ny. the pushy ice cream guy is in a world of trouble. but i like the idea of ice cream wars. big battle over soft serve.

queensbee - it was hard fought, no doubt.

well, here's the outcome. sno cone guy will lose his license.


and yeah, markhh, it was a cold war.

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