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May 19, 2013


FLINT, MI -- A man checking on his vehicle early Wednesday morning, May 15, near the 2000 block of West Pierson Road found about 20 feet of horse hair stuffed inside of the muffler of the vehicle, according to a police report.

(Thanks to Jeff Renner)

We saw Twenty Feet of Horse Hair open for the Troggs.


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Points for originality. A potato, I believe, is the more traditional choice.

That horse was a rock star.

Did he also check for an elephant is his pyjamas?

No, but he walked around the corner and turned into a drug store.

' - the man said his friend, who had been riding in the passenger seat felt dizzy from breathing unknown fumes...'

he's ok now - just left him a little


Didn't that happen in The Godfather?

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