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May 13, 2013


Goats contracted to clear O'Hare vegetation

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Letting the old goat trim the bush to a landing strip?

My oh my.

How do you contract with a goat?

Sign here, um, Sir. No, no! Sign! Not eat!

Hey, didn't someone write a book where there was a goat near an airport.... ?

to be overseen by Dr. Willie Nelson...

Forget the goat, I don't know what road to take into O'Hare. I'm arriving at the airport in my car, but I'm going to be departing the airport afterwards in a plane. I'm soooooooooo confused!

After all, nothing in Chicago and goats is linked to bad luck.

Dr. Willie Nelson can take care of the grass by himself. He doesn't need goats.

good one NUMA. As for Trent-- good luck if you think your plane will leave on time.

Their union meetings must be baaaaaad.

Bet they are the butt of jokes from other unions.

Do the goats get frequent grazer miles ?

♫ HIGH as a Kite was the lonely goat herd

HA. Good job all !



... Was that a goat?

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