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May 17, 2013


...and then there is this.

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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Thanks to manual tomato

I'm going to bookmark this one BIG TIME.
I woke up with an earworm going through my head. This not only killed it; it drove a stake through its heart.

I'm afraid Elvis, I mean Mr. De Leon doesn't know that BM did not write "I Write the Songs."

He just butchered sang it.

So, I'm a little fuzzy on the whole Elvis - BM branch of "musical" evolution.

For the record, Mr DeLeon did get a note correct.

But Barry is the Chuck Norris Of Writing Songs, after all......geez!?

Keep in mind the real Elvis didn't wear as many spangles and sparklies and rhinestones as Barry Manilow does when He gardens.

Just keeping one of the underlying motives for the video in perspective.

He may have gotten one note correct, Cheesewiz, but I couldn't listen long enough to hear it! I'm going now to get my ears blown out.

soon as i saw the BM name on the video i got out. nice try - got suckered into opening it, but got out before i had to hear any of it.

Yup. That's a song alright.

What's the deal with his sideburns? Did he lose a fight with a badger?

What a wonderful work it would be . . . If YouTube had minimum standards.

World, too.

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