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May 08, 2013


Police seek Cheez-It thief who punched clerk in face

(Thanks to Poker)


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As in 'cheeze it, the cops'?

Itsn't that dumb. He hid it in his pants

It may be dumb, T, but it's a time-honored tradition among those who show up on The Blog. No matter what it is, if you hide it in your pants, you're pretty much guaranteed an appearance here.

There is nothing lower than a Cheez-It thief.

The clerk should get employee of the month for taking one in the kisser for 3 ounces of junk food.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

Hey! Isn't that my line?!?

One of them, April Skinner, 18, of 800 Union St., was arrested after police say she became agitated, repeatedly shouted obscenities and refused to quiet down,...
"The April Skinner Story." Reese Witherspoon's next biopic.

cheezits dont kill people. people , uh, wait. how does that go?

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