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May 16, 2013


Ohioans Curse the Most in the Country; Washingtonians the Least

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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*snork* @ *uckeye - BULLSh!tEye!

I'm a *$&%! Washingtonian, and that's @$#%! A right! We don't &^#$! use &^%@#$ foul ^&%@#$ language here. @($%! ever!

no sh1t.

Well I'll be dam.

Chris Rock lives in Ohio...?

Massachusetts is 49th - effing A, big bunch of 'tards there.

It must be a problem with their speech recognition software - from experience I know that 1/3rd of Massholes cannot articulate a complete sentence without using profanity.

New Jersey is only #3? You are f#cking kidding me.

I saw a study based on cities rather than states a few years back, and Chicago was at the naughty end of the list.

Just look at the sports teams in Chicago:

Cu** (NL)
S*x (AL)
B*lls (NBA)
B**** (NFL)
F*** (MLS)

Michigan placed poorly,primarily because few people up here have phones. Most of us use use semaphore flags or Aldis lamps.

Ohioans curse most at Washingtonians (as does most of the country).

Reminds me of my BIL's story about a preacher's kid in boot camp with him.
PK got his first leave to visit his family. He was scared to death he would relapse to "Marine language" in front of his family.
All went well until the family took him to the bus station to head back.
Suddenly it hit him that he's made it.
So, in front of God and his family, he exclaimed, "Hot D@MN, didn't f#*k-up once!"
And he got on the bus.

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