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May 09, 2013


‘My husband draws the line at having sex with a troll mask on’

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I should imagine he also draws a line at having sex with her when she has the troll mask off...

What about sex with an actual troll. Troll is my middle name!

Felicity, who would you say that? She looks like a perfectly normal person without the mask and she has a daughter. Ergo, she must have had sex.

Short answer: she's nuts

Where, exactly, does he draw this line of his?

i'm with felicity. she's a butter face.

I think maybe they should both be wearing masks, just to be safe...

Elon, I disagree. She resembles a breed of battle hardened harridan we tend to get in tough neighborhoods in this country.

I'm not saying that I personally would have sex or even accept a hug by her, but I could see that some men like the "battle hardened harridan".

Er maybe. I admit my first thought was the same as yours, but different men like different things.

I think maybe she needs to moisturize under that troll mask.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

That right there, boys, is what ya call a 2-bagger.

Put a bag on your own head in case hers slips off?

Guess she'll have to add a Trolldo to her collection....

Some simple punctuation in the headline could change this entire story.
‘My husband draws the line at having sex with a troll mask on’ changed to:
‘My husband draws the line at having sex with a troll. Mask on!’ It's just a thought.

Has he seen her with the mask off? I'm just asking...

She looks great for 2:00 in the morning after 12 beers.

Triple-bagger: you put a bag over the dog's head, too. Nobody should have to see this.

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