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May 07, 2013


A revolutionary new pair of men’s underwear that “smells good” looks set to take France by storm once they are launched.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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What is that splash screen about? A hammer, two eggs, some kind of garment, and the title, "La Chef du Suprise?"

Quelle bagarre!

Now they can start with importing tooth brushes and razors.

And soap. Don't forget the soap, Mikey.

the concept of "launching underwear" makes me giggle.


yes, i am nine years old.

Three is less than what ?

bet they'll still smell like oui oui

To launch, hook the waistband over your thumb, pull back on the elastic and... Zing ! ...let fly ! ( batteries sold separately )

Problem one. We really smell bad. Option a) Bathe more than once a month. Non. Option b) Invent perfume! Voila!!
Problem two - really stinky crotch rot. option a) Soap and water, Nah. Option b) Perfumed underwear! Voila!!

They "...can last up to 30 washes."
Why, in France, that means they'll last for a lifetime.

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