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May 12, 2013


Driving Slow In The Left Lane May Soon Be Illegal In Florida

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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But shooting at other motorists is still okay, right?

Trade 'ya our none english reading drivers for your slow left lane drivers.

You'll hear it a lot.

"Da lie wuz blue."

But you will get used to it.

They know left? besides that perpetual left blinker.

They want people to drive in the RIGHT lane with the left turn signal on?

The correct term for this anti-social and possibly illegal driving behavior is "nestoring", more can be found here:

John Nestor wiki

In some states, they have exceptions for congested metropolitan areas, so it might not apply in Miami.

What turn signal?

Driving Slow In The Left Lane?

Adverbially challenged headline writer.

I think that those driving SLOWLY in the left lane should be used as target practice.

Whoa! Something driving-related will be illegal in Florida?! Hot damn - I finally won the bet!

This can't be right! A new law that actually makes sense. The only thing worse than the dreaded "headless driver" on Florida roads is coming up behind one in the left lane on I-95 doing 40 mph.

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