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May 09, 2013


South Korea: Man Chops off Penis Because He Did Not Want Children

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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He's blaming this on a miserable childhood? Sounds like his adulthood hasn't been a bed of roses, either. Or it won't be, now.

a sacrifice fly

Haven't had time to check the article but it is a traditional folk methos of birth control, as long you make sure to chop the right person's penis off. If your wife is sleeping around a lot, you might need to chop off several penises to ensure you don't have children, but generally once word gets around about the first few the rest cease to be an issue. Overall chopping off penises is at least as effective as modern birth control.

The act of chopping off one's own penis is called autopeotomy.
I learn something new on this blog everyday!

I suppose this is a different story to the one about the North Korean who chopped off his penis to feed to his children?

Yes, it's cruel yet, at the same time, satirical...

I've heard of cutting off your nose to spite your face, but...

well, Layzeeboy - he cut off his hose to spite his race

Some people will do anything to get their "15 minutes."
Box Canyon Mark from Lovely Ouray, Colorado.

And this guy was actually surpised that it was painful and caused him to seek medical assistance?

Perhaps he could have done the world a favour and directed the blade upwards, like around his carotid artery.

Cindy, you're a nurse. Don't you see thousands of cases a day where men do stupid things down under? And it never occurred to you docs would name them so they could snork about them in the back room?

I have friends who call this fore

(vomits on shoes)

Huffington Post reported that the 40-year-old man who worked as a mechanic was believed to have been "influenced by a false religious belief he picked up from the Internet."

I would have bet alcohol was somehow involved, too.

Darwin award?

Kimchi. It's enough to make you gnaw your own foot off.

The hospital says he is "stable." I don't think so.
And *snork* at ligirl.

cindy, I'm surprised you didn't know that, being a highly trained medical professional and all.

I swear I read that headline:

South Korea: Man Chops off Penis Because He Did Not Want Chicken

And since it was on this blog, it made total sense.

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