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May 15, 2013


Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions on Hog Farms

(Thanks to Nancy Lambert)

We saw Mysterious Poop Foam open for the Cowsills.


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'honey, this bacon tastes like sh!t!'

OMG. Poop foam

When I read, "...sudden, disastrous releases and even explosions." I was suddenly transported back to that magical night at Taco Bell...

I saw PoopFoam warming up the crowd for santorum during the last election cycle. I backed away quickly, then turned and ran for my car.

Big Bang Meringue.

Dairy air Derriere Whip

Ok, kids... Who wants to be a farmer ?

I have friends who -you don't wanna know.

I just know that somewhere, in a secret underground bunker, there's a group of squirrels chuckling evilly....

You had me at "poop foam".

I had a really hard time not going into my "Don't buy supermarket meat" rant, but I'm better now.

More foam.

"Blew a man 20 feet away"?

Was he smiling?

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