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May 15, 2013


Florida man won’t be charged for shooting himself while bowling

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Tash)


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He will, however, be charged as a public nuisance for wearing that shirt.

Wait... there are no guns in bowling? Since when???

"Florida Man" again?

Dammit, go here.

WTF? Typepoop is changing my html link. It's just a Google search: www.google.com/#hl=enq&q="Florida+Man"+superhero

When he shot them off, did he make a spare with his pair?

He probably realized he accidentally swapped suitcases, and shipped 20kg of coke off with his grandparents....

"If you mark that frame an eight, you are entering a world of pain"

- The Big Lebowksi

The fool abides.

We might as well go back to wearing holsters if we're all going to have guns. Purses, pockets -- not working.

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