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May 03, 2013


Pennsylvania man ordered to stand trial in shooting of deer in Walmart parking lot

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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It's important to cull out the slow, aged, ailing, and stupid members of the herd. So they should execute this guy.

Agreed Omni...quite apart from the 2nd amendment, an idiot so inept that he cannot drop a deer in one shot should have his guns permanently taken away. The guy is not only stupid and reckless, he's dangerous.

Bianco said only that "the truth will come out" after his preliminary hearing Wednesday in nearby Blairsville, about 45 miles east of Pittsburgh.

It's already out - he's an idiot with a Jack Bauer fixation.

He should have listened to his wife:

"Slow down, deer!"

I once shot an elephant in my pajamas...

He didn't know the van was loaded.

Amazingly this wasn't in Bucks County.

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