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May 09, 2013


Good Afternoon Dave:  Relationships are definitely like a sports game.  But not every gal you date is going to be the “Grand Slam” or “Touch Down.”


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They're right.
Many dates are like a sacrifice bunt.

I Think the world is full of people that you really need to be cautious with. When I was younger you didn't have to think of those things so much. Today is so much different. Leary is more the tone of today.

I think they should have used "between the goal posts".

In dating, how does a "grand slam" differ from "going all the way to home plate"?

Check, and mate in three moves.

Sticky wicket, eh what?...

Croquet is a great game if you've got the balls for it.


does he get in to 'pitchers & catchers'?

I knew of someone once who was charged with "playing cricket on moist ground with a wet wicket" when they fired him for having sex on the job at a military base. He was in a mattress storage area with one of the maids . . .

Is anyone else bothered by the use "Touch Down" rather than "Touchdown"? I can totally get past the offensiveness of the copy and the horror of whatever it is they're selling, but their editor should be shot.

I thought sports metaphors were the absolute bottom of the barrel, in a business context, until I heard an executive say "The train has left the station. It's time to get on board and pick a direction."

Really. He said that.


Excuse me but..gal? Really?

my dates often involve a lot of fumbling.

Omni: At a staff meeting last month, one of our managers said, and ISIANMTU, "So, basically, what we basically need is to come up with a mission statement which basically outlines the things we basically need to accomplish."

I so wanted to jump up and shout "Bingo!"...

Theresa may well have a point that these days it is prudent to be leery of anyone named Leary.

It's funnier cause Dave's wife's a sports writer. Michelle is probably going to bug him about whether he thinks of her as an infield fly. And there is no right answer to that question.

I think a hockey reference is more apt. Most of the time the guy is looking to spend time in the crease.

Dave, we want to read the entire press release.

You need to post it, or we may never, ever make it to the missus' red zone.

Do these pants make me look like a shortstop?

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