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May 15, 2013


A French couple in their sixties got a shock this week when they unpacked after their holiday in Ecuador. On opening one of their suitcases, they saw that their possessions had been replaced by 20kg of cocaine.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Did they surrender to authorities?

And the problem is.....?

As the song said, have a Coke and a smile...

Ha ! And someone else got a heart-grabbing surprise when he opened HIS luggage and found not 20 kg of cocaine but... dirty underwear !

Hope they have a good hiding place. For themselves.

20 what? Uh-oh! Does this mean that some creepy guy named "Anton" will be paying them a visit?

*snork* at Clankie.
That reminds me of this time when I worked at the UPS sorting facility and, well, someone was probably surprised to get an empty package.

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