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May 03, 2013


So he decided to approach her by laying down the smoothest pick-up maneuver possible: by walking up to her and her kids with his penis hanging out of his pants.

(Thanks to bfwallc)

Man strips naked after claiming to be a monkey outside 7-Eleven

(Thanks to funny man)


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Hot and humid weather must have come early this year. Everyone is needing to give the boys some fresh air.

He just might be single



was it a flaccid state?

Given the state where it happened, the only thing that surprised me is that they have a "Snow Sports Complex". Must be the northern part.

He then approached the driver's-side window and leaned into it.

"Damn girl," he reportedly said to her. "You're fine. Do you have a man?"

I can't figure where he went wrong. Anyone? Bueller?

This move almost never never works with me either.

Key phrase: "Little Griffith".

I'm sure that he will tell the judge that he was just "hanging out in the park"!

You may laugh, but impersonating a monkey is a serious offense.

Same old story. "It's not mine, I didn't put it there. Someone I gave a ride to left it there."

Brittney tried this on camera with some measure of success.

*snork* at manual tomato!

Re-snork at manual T.

You never know until you try.
But I'd bet this isn't the first time he tried.

Another victory for Florida Man!

Perhaps these two should be introduced to each other. They seem to have so much in common.

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