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May 09, 2013


We care.


Update: The lady has been identified. Whoa. This is such a Miami story.


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keeping it classy...

Talk about overdoing the eyeliner... It's like staring down a shotgun.

- she's telling him to penetrate the hole?

Is she saying "You're # 1" ?

When did Shaq start providing arena security?

What a nice couple.
Does anybody have their contact info? I'd like to have them over for dinner

Apparently she is Filomena Tobias, whose very wealthy husband was found heavily drugged and face-down in their pool in 2007, according to WPBF.com.

If my wife's name was Filomena, you might find me face down in the pool.


I am a man, therefore I'm a pig...I'd do her

afkat, you'd also end up dying in mysterious circumstances. She is a dangerous person. That rick fiancee she has does not have great odds of living long and prospering.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

afkat, as a fellow pig and neanderthal, I understand your viewpoint. Some women you might have to gag, others may require a bag or two, and some maybe even restraints, but we'd still consider doing them.

I was gonna guess she was the wife of the mayor at least.

I would need the troll face.

I'm with OldPhil on that.

I cannot believe she didn't have a long career in troll porn.

What time is it and how many beershs have I had.....Afkat is right.

Hiaasen is so right. Who needs inspiration when you have Miami TV news and a paper. The fiction just writes itself.

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