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May 01, 2013


Saskatoon police say they have safety concerns about a man with no arms who was caught driving without wearing a seatbelt.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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What could go wrong? (Someone had to say it.)

Well ... at least they won't hafta pick up after he gets a crazy idea & sez "Hold my berr and watch this" ...

The police captain must have said "Well, I've got to hand it to him..."

I hope his truck got modified so that he can still flip people off in traffic.

...and chat on his cell phone...

No Florida license comments yet?

Well Canada, that's what happens when you want to disarm people.

'E's mostly 'armless . . .

OK Mr. Hands uh.....

'Look, ma...!'

He won't get far on the monkey bars...

*SNORKS* at ligirl!!!!

I once read that a "problem drinker" was a drunk with arthritic elbows.
What if you have no arms?

Police were relieved the man was unarmed. (I know I'm sorry. I mean in terms of weapons, you...)

Illinois may have some crazy laws, but handicapped drivers in Illinois do not have to feed parking meters.

Maybe he should move down to North Dakota where parcometres are illegal.

this is what happens when you get here late. all the good jokes are gone. and they were all good. muchas snorkas all around. i guess we really have to hand it to the guy....

What kind of foot controls does he have so he can shift, signal, turn on and dim lights, open and close doors, and control the entertainment and navigation systems while steering, accelerating, and braking? Is R2D2 in the droid compartment on his X-wing?

How was he supposed to open the letter? I'm stumped.

How was he supposed to fasten the seat belt?

What is the sound of NO hands clapping ?

He doesn't have a leg to stand - uh, never mind.

That's nothing. I was a flight piloted by two blind guys and they didn't even once turn on the no smoking sign.

As per the standards of the Blog, I will refrain from making the totally tasteless and inappropriate observation that Steve Simonar can be rearranged to spell 'Steve Inoarms.'

Once again, we should all give the Blog a hearty thanks for raising us all to be better than that.

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