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May 15, 2013


It's a comedian.


(Thanks to PJ)


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This answers the age-old question, "If a young comedian who's been struggling and starving for years suddenly finds he has a few dollars to spare, what would he do with it?"

I mean, health insurance? IRA's? Money down a hole, man.

S U R R E N D E R - D O R O T H Y !

much funnier

How do I land? Carefully.

"a composite photo of the actual letters, as they would have appeared all together had the wind not wiped them away."

So he Photoshopped it?

This could rate right up there with the IRS scandal.

Maybe not.

Listen carefully to the radio for explicit landing instructions. We are fevereshly photoshopping those instructions for you as we speak.

He shoulda just done what Dave does....write his jokes in a book and hope somebody buys it.
Wait, I didn't mean nobody buys Dave's books....I just meant that, uh.....
Ok it's Judy's fault. She must be fired.



*Double sigh*

Bravo, ligirl. Get those slippers.

Dave wrote a book?

He must have gone to the Al-Q**da School of Aviation.

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