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May 01, 2013


Teenagers dye their hair red and green to look like ripe tomatoes


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and DaninTustin)


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If this is his "masterpiece" I don't want to see his failures.

How about an ear of corn? Acorn squash? Eggplant?

Thank goodness for teenagers.
No matter how we older people embarrass ourselves, we can still point at them and laugh.

Zuccini. The dickhead look.


remember the 'acorn'?

I have friends who call that "foreplay."

Hey, it works! She looks just like a tomato. But why?

Finally! the modern generation is getting back to nature!

Looks like a "hairloom" tomato to me.

Snork @WVplantman!

This isn't that original. Because here in America we
created the Cabbage Patch Kids way before this. We just never thought they'd become teenagers....

But why?

Ever ask a teenager "why?", Alien8?

When I had any opportunity to ask teenagers anything, they didn't speak that dialect. "Why" was pronounced "How's come?"

I guess they just don't want to be called carrot top.

Carrot tops are, of course, green.

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