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May 16, 2013


A box containing $625,000 in gold arrived at Miami International Airport early Tuesday but disappeared about an hour and a half later, Miami-Dade police say.


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It's in the duck! That's what's dragging Ducky down!

Paging Neil Young.

That keeps me searching
For a heart of gold
And I'm getting old.

my thoughts, too, manual -

I wanna live,
Don't wanna give
There's nothin' finer than a horde of gold
It's my obsession
I'll never give !
That keeps me searching for a horde of gold
and I'm getting bold...

It came from Ecuador,
My stealth they did ignore -
They crossed the ocean with my horde of gold!
It's been on my mind,
And now it's Mine! - MINE!! !
They'll just keep searching for that horde of gold
- but their case is cold...
They can't besmirch me for that horde of gold
- cuz it's all been sold!

Was it in a 1-quart clear plastic bag?

Doesn't matter where it is. You still have to pay tax on it.

This is Miami. It is probably a tooth by now.

*snork* to markhh!

It seems like everybody knew what was in the box. No wonder it disappeared.

Gee....we must be stupid in Canada. We actually have an armoured car meet the aircraft on the tarmac and offload stuff like this into the possession of the armoured car guards. Silly us.

That's why I always stow my gold-filled box in the overhead bin. Though there may be some shifting during flight.

The TSA searches passengers for toothpicks, but baggage handlers are almost unmonitored. This is called "Homeland Security." We don't want to inconvenience the airlines.

They probably figured out the gold was missing after people waited an hour for their luggage and they needed the baggage carousel.

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