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May 14, 2013


Graduate teacher fires nearly 40 rounds into his ceiling

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes, who says "...he no longer has a squirrel problem.")


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Sheesh, you can't do anything anymore

Jail time might beat unemployment for a doctoral student

I agree poker. We may as well just shred the Constitution.

Well, ya gotta get their attention somehow.

We are thinking of using paint guns on the kids.

Ya know, yellow if you are continually tardy, blue for not doing your homework, red for stupid..

When they get home and their parent asked them what they did and they answer,


the parent can say,

"Well, according to the paint colors on your shirt, you were late and stupid."

I love it MikeyVa. My daughter teaches 2nd grade and if one of the kids acts up they remove a paw from a felt dog that hangs on the wall. The dogs have their names on them and one kid has lost over 50 paws this year. I'm not going to mention this article to her.


What a great idea for the little ones!

Thinking back on writing my PhD dissertation, I suspect that the purpose of the gunshots was to wake himself up. Apparently, the effect wore off quickly.

The only remarkable thing here is that he appears not to be a member of the Bush family.

If he was a Cheney he would have missed the ceiling.

Ventilating his attic maybe?

Any jokes yet about the caliber of student that attends U of O? No? I'll check back.

"This morning, I shot six holes in my freezer,
I think I got cabin fever..."

He was loaded, obviously.

"Colt .45?"

"No, PBR."

Jeff: Fins up!

To be fair, if I were a political science teacher in today's climate, I'd probably shoot things in the middle of the night, too.

If he can get a true jury of his peers--graduate teaching assistants on food stamps trying to finish degrees that will guarantee careers that will hopefully pay off the interest on their loans--he will do just fine.

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