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May 01, 2013


Memphis Police Officer Hits Pole

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Give that man an honorary Florida drivers' license.

Isn't that how World War 2 started?

"Oh, I'm Leaning on the Lamp Post at the Corner of the Street..."

a rather ethnically insensitive headline, no?

*wonders if the Pole fought back*

I see nothing humorous here!

I hope there wasn't a dancer practicing on it.

actually, it sounds more like a euphemism to me...

I mean, NTTAWWT...

He was practicing the Miami exit, wasn't he?

I understand he was cited. ANd excited.

Sounds like the follow up to Tracey Chapman's Fast Car has finally taken on meaning.

Tracey Chapman's Fast Car lyrics linked to true meaning.

Hits pole - loses police job.
Hired as bar security guard - bounces czechs

good one ligirl!!!

Writing tickets to the people who took pictures is totally out of line. Somebody needs to take that to court.

They don’t have the super-long tongues of other frogs, but are known to use their hands to cram beetles and worms into their mouths.

Kinda like my relatives, except the exploding/hugging part.

My previous comment meant for the exploding frogs.

Not the pole-atacking police man.


I'm sure politicians will use this to justify a pole tax.

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