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May 07, 2013


Cops: Woman's Testicle Clawing Left Boyfriend "Bleeding From His Genital Area

(Thanks to Rob)


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I hate it when this happens to me.

Incredibly, this didn't happen in Florida.

Woman's Testicle Clawing -- soon to be an Olympic Event.

Shouldn't the byline be Claude Bawls.

why do i read "Bleeding From His Genital Area"
to the tune of
"Tempted By the Fruit of Another"...?

too d@mn many songs in my head

He looks amazingly calm in his mug shot. This is further proof that you never mess with a Southern woman. I would also like to point out this happened in South Carolina. If he had done this in North Carolina, we would have just turned the cold water on when he was laying in the shower.

Note to self: Do NOT buy any used couches off of Craig's List from South Carolina.

NC: If he had done this in Tennessee, you would only find gunshot residue where his testicles used to be.

Just a little bit south of North Carolina.

Cindy, don't you mean the hot water, and only the hot water?

Actually I did Elon. I was trying to be nice. A true Southern lady never gives up all her secrets.

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