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May 13, 2013


Woman kicked off JFK-bound flight for belting out 'I will always love you' in midair concert

(Thanks to Poker, jon harris, Bill Hudgins and Mark Schlesinger)


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Was she trying for the Whitney Houston version or the Dolly Parton version?

There's only one punishment severe enough: Thigh shot.

It could have been worse. She could have been singing Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful". I would have thrown her off the plane for that.

NC, my song for immediate disembarkment, is Silly Love Songs. It goes on..and on...and on...and on....

Why was she singing ? Did they start serving complementary macadamia nuts again ?

Minnie Ripperton's high squeaky part of "Loving You".

What's with the flying public, nowdays?
I prefer my fellow drivers, who are always safe, sane, and sober.

I was out on the road all day and heard this story on the radio news. When I got home I immediately came here to see if the Blog mentioned this, and said something about "Mandy" or "Copacabana". The Blog did not disappoint.



Darn you Loudmouth. Now I have an ear worm.

A song I refuse to name that talks about levys and Chevys and a lot of gobbledegook....HATE that song. Grounds for Termination With Extreme Prejudice.

Or at least a thigh shot.

"Into the Night"


I have friends who call that foreplay.

"Whitney Houston's?" Bah. Unless I'm mistaken, Ms. Houston wrote as many songs as Elvis. Zero. (Okay, each may have WRITTEN songs, but none were recorded.)
That song was Dolly Parton's lovely parting gift to Porter Waggoner.

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