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May 06, 2013


Sucking Your Child’s Pacifier Clean May Have Benefits

(Thanks to jon harris and Mark Schlesinger)


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They suck!

Years later, when baby has become a teenager and has friends over for dinner, you'll want to mention that you did this.

Uh, Okay, I won't say it since this is a family blog.

I never licked one of my kids pacifiers or, as we called them, "passies" but I have swiped quite a few against my jeans because everyone knows that gets rid of all the germs.

The practice may be a marker for parents who are generally more relaxed about shielding their children from dirt and germs

ya think?
And cindy -- absolutely! It's been proven in Clinical Tests at Leading Institutions.

A hundred years ago they were called 'sugar tits'. There is a town in South Carolina named that.

OK, the current name is Pelham, which is not nearly as interesting.

"Hey, Mom! Mommie!"


"Suck my pacifier!"

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