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May 14, 2013


The manager of a ValuMarket says he found 57 empty whipped cream cans in the garbage when he arrived Monday morning. WAVE-TV in Louisville reported 30-year-old Trevor Runyon was charged after he was found in the ceiling of the store.

(Thanks to Greg Snow, DaninTustin, Brett Harris and Sharon [The Minx] Lurie)


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57 cans of whipped cream, 6 steaks and then shrimp and a birthday cake? Have to let him go, the state would go broke feeding him..

Sugar high.

"Just...whip it..."

"No, it's a Chihuahua, not a Whippet."

(And I once heard a policeman describe a missing dog as a "Sha-who-a-who-a")

I couldn't make this stuff up if I had to.

57 empty whipped cream cans? Do they still use nitrous oxide as a propellant in those things? They did when I was a young'n... heh.

57 cans of whipped cream on the wall
57 cans of whipped cream
Take one down
Huff it around
56 cans of whipped cream on the wall...

I have friends who call that foreplay.

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