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May 08, 2013


If you drop your beer into a river, don't drink it. Just take our word for it. And whatever you do, don't click on this link.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Following the Sunshine Coast link for more details, they had a poll on what to do if your beer falls in the river :

Leave it there 40%

Fish it out and chuck it 45%

Wipe it with a hanky and drink up 2%

Mate, it's beer .. you can't waste it 11%

This Bug's for you

Cindy, how is this possible? Is it E coli in the water?

His second mistake was the beer-- first, the tattoo.

Dammit, I clicked on the link!

there is something-pardon the pun-fishy about this story

I agree with Elon. We need clinical input on this. Did they mean "bug" as in bacterium or "bug" as in insect? Remarkably content-free story, all in all.

However, another data point to support the hypothesis, proposed here by somebody or other, that EVERYTHING in Australia is poisonous, venomous, carcinogenic, or mean n' hungry.

I was in Australia briefly, Omni, and was assured by the locals that wasn't true. The correct version is: "Everything below your ankles is poisonous or venomous..."

Why was he fishing in it then in the first place?

I can't believe I clicked on this.

When will I ever learn?

He definitely can tell anyone who asks that he caught something.

Oh gawd Dave, why didn't I listen to you. I clicked on the link (but you knew I would you rascal).

That's one hell of a hernia, Harry.

I didn't click.

"EVERYTHING in Australia is poisonous, venomous, carcinogenic, or mean n' hungry."

And that apparently includes the people.

Giardia? Aka Beaver Fever.

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