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May 16, 2013


Heroic Theatergoer Smashes Cell Phone, Gets Thrown Out

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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One of the last movies I went to was KING KONG, and the lady behind me kept shrieking "It's a BIG MONKEY!" and "WHAT ARE THOSE BLACK BOYS DOING?" Everyone in the place except the theater management wanted her to be quiet, so of course she was allowed to yell "ARE THOSE STICKS?" and "WHAT DID HE SAY?" all through the show. It's just no fun going to a movie to hear the audience talking.

Alien8, was that the original King Kong or one of the remakes?

As to the theater talkers/texters/disturbance causers, and given the cost of going to the movies nowadays, I will stare, then confront and then call the management. If management won't deal with it then I request a refund. Then I tell them all to get off my lawn!

This is the exact reason that God created 70" LCD TV's and home theater sound.

Does anyone have a spare Congressional Medal of Honor we could give this guy?

I'm afraid Wolfsong is right.

We had to get a refund for THE DARK KNIGHT because this stupid b!tch brought her three year old to the theater rather than hire a babysitter and let him carry on a loud question & answer session a la Alien8's comment above. When I asked her to keep it down she opened her foul mouth to me (yes, in front of the kid) telling me to f... off, etc. and that she'd paid her money and could do whatever she wanted.

The management wouldn't do anything so we got refunds and left.

I'm in favor of movies and theaters being allowed to use cell phone jammers.

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