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May 10, 2013


24 Could Be Returning to FOX

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Joe Wesley, ligirl, Joe in Sac, Virgil Hodges Jr., Debi Goobie and The Amazing Steve, who says "p.s. Edgar is still dead.")


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I'm a few years out of practice, so I'm going to start typing the summary now, and see if I can finish right after the first episode airs.


Damnit Chloe, there's no time!


"Dammit, why didn't Chloe download this to my PDA?"

*shoots Fox exec in thigh*

"Also, what the hell is Tony doing on Castle?!?..."

Crap! I forgot to establish a perimeter!

*shoots the hobbit in thigh*

Fortuantely, I've gotten a regular dosage of 24 thanks to Netflix (currently: Day 5: 1:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. - Jack regains the recording)

At least on Castle he was playing a "good guy" for a change. On the new Dallas Tony was a drug kingpin.


I can finally stop rocking myself while curled in a ball in the corner! The 24 Methadone clinic is opening!

*forms perimiter around Franklin Park in DC*
*laughs maniacally*
*shoots frogperson in thigh*

Maybe they'll finally get the dead guy out of the wall. I also hope they've improved their medical facilities.

Thigh pads all around!

I am all for this. I couldn't stand watching the show, which I found absurd beyond all belief, but Dave's and Steve's riffs on it were hilarious.

So this was just one big, long bathroom break for Jack? I mean in 24 hours the guy never goes.

Oh, thank God! I hope this time around they have a villain worth his salt. Marwan was the last great nemesis Jack Bauer had. Other than appearing in the G.I. Joe movies of late, I think he's available.

I forget if he died on the show. However, since this is 24, just because someone dies doesn't mean he has to stay dead.


Minx, yes Marwan died. Jack was trying to take him alive but he did a reverse one and a half gainer off the parking garage (or whatever it was).


Glad to see my memory isn't totally shot yet:

Marwan is wounded after a fight with Jack Bauer in a parking lot. Rather than allow himself to be captured, Marwan kills himself by jumping from the building despite Jack's efforts to stop him.

Steve, you should just do an entire summer series just to get warmed up.

Poor Edgar. *sniffle*

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