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May 16, 2013


1:48 p.m. People in Bigfork were using profane language.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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And so-called Homeland Security does nothing.

A deputy discovered a woman holding a pellet gun out looking for her dog.
I usually have better luck with my dogs when I'm holding a dog treat.

'Someone reported a man with baggy pants sneaking around with a pistol.... A deputy discovered a woman holding a pellet gun'


'Flatheaded girls you make the rockin' world go round'

Oh the $&#*&$@ing horror

Flathead girls really knock me out,
Their baggy pants are cool.
Hungry Horse makes me swear and shout,
And my neighbor's such a fool.

Show me round your beat up trailer
Way up north,
Introduce me to your Daddy's dog.

And so on.

"Bigfork" sounds like it should be a dirty word.

Bigspooning is what usually leads to Bigforking.

It's some sort of offense when someone tells you to get off his property?
We've run into this attitude on my wife's farm when we've dared to run off hunters.
Some, not all, have had the attitude that we're being unreasonable just because (1) it's Posted and (2) they're shooting in our direction.

Bravo Omniskeptic!


And dammit, they need to stay off your lawn!

I picture people walking around the solemn streets of Bigfork all day exchanging pleasantries by saying things like, "Up Yours buddy!" "I've got your Bigfork right here!"

well, i'll be (expletive deleted)

Steve ~ I like how you call it your wife's farm. Is that how you get out of doing any chores? :)

Can we, ConeHeads live in the FlatHead county?

Visitors from Ohio.

Well, when your city is named Bigf#$k, what do you expect?

Ms. Flukey,
It's my wife's farm because I told her 30 years ago that I NEVER, EVER wanted to live on this farm and I'd die working before I ever did.
So, she waited until I retired, THEN she got the farm.
On the other hand, she couldn't object when I got the house in St. Augustine.
The main factor in our being together after all these years is that we have nothing in common.

Lol. My mother is a Democrat, my father a Republican. They've been married over 50 years. :)

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