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May 03, 2013


Now you can buy a wallet made out of whale foreskin

(Thanks to Robert Mathis, who says, "But if you rub it, it becomes a carry-on bag.")


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Nothing good can come of it...

Try to imagine being the Mohel to the Whales.

And if you rub it, it turns into a suitcase.

It's illegal to import these into the U.S. according to the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Darn.

Oops, I ought to read the parenthetical stuff before posting.

Walleter ? ?


Walter is, in fact, a Walrus.



You know how you circumcise a whale? Four skin divers!

good one, Stev0 -

i wondered how that was orcastrated

*grork* @ Stev0 and ligirl. (That's a groan fused with a snork)

And how exactly does this guy know that no two whale foreskins are the same?

Who knew whales had foreskins? Who would want to?

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