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May 16, 2013


Custom cornhole boards.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I have friends who cornhole.

In some parts of the US, the pinnacle of political achievement is to be given a position on the cornhole board.

Almost sounds like something from Gilbert and Sullivan, doesn't it?

"Oh, I am the chairman of the cornhole board ..."

'The set comes with weather resistant cornhole bags'

- nice of them to provide 'protection'

Being from Connecticut, when I moved to Florida and got a job at one of the best comopanies in the Tampa Bay area, I was taken aback when the Rainbow Coalition put an ad in our newsletter about their annual "Cornhole" contest.

Needless to say, we don't do that up north.

Then I had a go at it and I'm still standing.

I want one with Beavis on it!

I've seen them with university logos for Alabama and Auburn. As Monty Python might say, "It is a silly game..."

Will hornets be involved?

sorry. native of brooklyn and queens. got NO idea what cornhole-ing is, why, or what's the deal with it. we have a lot of a-holing in The City.... is that simular (as they say)?

I wish I could help you QB, but the only use of "cornhole" I'm familiar with is not appropriate for a family blog, and doesn't require a "cornhole board".

My name is CornHolio, James Cornholio.

OK, I have to work on this.

I've led such a sheltered life. I grew up in Florida and I had no idea what cornhole-ing is either. So I looked it up. Yes, I googled a cornhole. I'll just have to deal with the public shame.

It is more commonly known as been bag toss. Only in the south would they make a perfectly innocent game sound so lurid.

JD, probably not southern in origin.

"The history of the game is mostly unknown,though stories abound. Also made popular amongst students at Ohio University and Michigan State University. Many American scholars confirm that a game of very similar nature was played amongst Native Americans in Midwest America, ...notably, the Blackhawk tribe in Illinois. Debate about whether the game was actually created in the Kentucky farmland [5] or the tundras of Alaska is ongoing."

However, the game jargon does seem deliberately lurid:

Back door
A cornhole that goes over the top of a blocker and into the hole.
Dirty bag
A bag that is on the ground or is hanging off the board touching the ground.
Dirty roll up
A point scored when the bag hits the ground before landing on the board.
A bag hitting the board and hooking or curving around a blocker and going in the hole.

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