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May 15, 2013


My name is Vladimir Kupriyanchuk.
I developed an interest in you.
If you have the opportunity then please send me information material and souvenirs.


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What could possibly go wrong?

what kinds souveniiieeers you would liking,tovarich?

Hey, Dave has his own stalker. Sweet.

Maybe you can hook him up with Selena.

Vladimir Kupriyanchuk is oviously a right winger. Two minute penaly for being an internet retard with questionable hockey ability.

Bonjour. Here is souvenir of many plastic bags of white powder that I find in my luggage. Perhaps you will ask your local authorities what it is?

How do you feel about PoopFoam Vladdy?

Dear Vladimir: How many long, thin things that swallow alligators whole would you like ?

Dave - I think he's putin you on

Putin on the Ritz, lgirl?

Vlad you could all make it! Sorry, I'm running late, so I'm Russian about...

It happens that I wuz clippin' toenails, this evening. What with DNA testing, there may be information available to a dedicated researcher (that leaves the SB out, ;-]).

Plus, these would need butt a single stamp, I am confident.

Well, he obviously wants Walter. Don't fall for it, Dave!

A lot of messages I get from dating sites read just like that.

All your exploding toilets are belong to us.

CJRun - Welcome back!!

Do ya thing by souvenirs he actually meant "naked pikters of yourselve?"

**swaps a k for the g**


Hey, I just got this too, just now. Exact words and name. Is his address:

> Ukraine
> Zhytomirs'ka oblast (Zhytomir region )
> Ovruch area
> Pidruddya
> Lenina st. 70
> 11116

for you as well?

Just received this email now, the street he lives on doesn't exist!

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