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May 10, 2013


Smokejumpers fighting fires in Oregon unknowingly landed in the middle of a huge illegal pot-growing operation in a remote national forest.

(Thanks to Mike Ester)


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As opposed to the 'legal' kind?

Did they see Stoney, the Bear ?

We'd better start a backfire once the food truck gets here.

Authorities became suspicious when the smokejumpers radioed in a request for an emergency air-drop of Doritos.

That's what I call a hot LZ.

(crackle) Delta Six actual, I need me some air support, now!

Uh, roger that, Delta. Where do you want it?

Right by that green smoke!

What green smoke?

Right over there! Next to the paisley smoke! And the purple haze!

bwahhhha omni.... yeah, what is that smell, dude?

It's hard to put out a fire when you are mellow.

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