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May 13, 2013


Voting is now open for Shed of the Year.

(Thanks to wilco)


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All in for The Idea Room.

Brian Blessed's Shed, Brian's House. It contains Brian Blessed.

And the winner, for both his sheds, is Mr. Arthur Jackson.

24 is coming back for 12 episodes May 2014.

Sara: will there be sheds at the perimeter?

yes, once again, arthur two sheds jackson is the winner.

Jack Bauer wins for BloodShed

I guess since anyone including farm animals can vote here, I can go over there and vote.

Roger, wilco.

I think their site is overloaded.

Oh....the sheds show up at the bottom of the page. Nevermind.

Wasn't this also a futuristic 'major' motion picture starring Sylvester Stallone as Judge Shed?

This is only interesting if you are a tool.

Ah cain't git shed o' you!

I was in a remainder shop the other day and saw 'Fifty Shades of Shed' which was advertised as erotica for the man in your life. It was pages upon pages of sheer unadulterated sheds. Not since my last paperback has such a great book been remaindered...

Torreadors have bullsheds.

Then there are the Shedi Knights...but that's another matter.

Is there some place I can get in out of the rain while trying to decide?

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