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May 09, 2013


Swedish man and Phuket ladyboy caught smoking ‘ice’

Names We Are Not Making Fun Of: Sophon Borirak, Kokchang Hotel, OrBorJor hospital, Pichai Wattanawalan, Baan Bangjo prison, Roongruang Kwantong, Nattharin Dansataporn.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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walla walla bing bang

Has Paris Hilton ever stayed in the Kokchang Hotel?

Ever get the feeling you're missing all the fun? Me neither.

Phuket! I'm still laughing at Phuket!

Ladyboy Kwanpacha “Tom” Thani is a looker. If you plan to vacation there do not wear a red or yellow shirt. You will be seen as politically incorrect and may be forced to have an elephant massage and offered ya ba pills. Which can makes for an excellent beginning to an itinerary that includes a viewing of the county's most deceptive Ladymen. Tim Curry's little act a few years back is child's play. Be careful. And Aloha.

Phuket Ladyboy opened for Blondie. As best I remember.

Oh, Phuket.

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