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May 13, 2013


Pick up NOW.

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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*forms perimeter around phone*
*shoots ringtone in thigh*

Sorry, I use another spy's ringtone.

Doesn't anyone use Pop Goes the Weasel anymore ?

Ah, fond memories of the old AT&T Merlin office phone system. Each phone had a menu of 16 beep-tones like this, and the day would be filled with ringing telephones with weird tones, auto-rotating from one desk to another.

Not to mention slackers killing time by playing with the ring tones..

Sound like a broken modem.

I used to play with a Merlin phone as well. You could cross-connect any two calls you placed, join them together, and listen in...One pizza place would call another, two operators would suddenly dial 411, but the best was when you dialed two people who you knew hated each other, and hadn't spoken in years.

We once made an answering machine "dial" its owner. To this day, I bet she still thinks her machine was haunted.

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