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May 01, 2013


Police snap fugitive kangaroo crossing road in Lancashire… but it could be a wallaby

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who saw Fugitive Kangaroo open for the Bee Gees.)


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"I read the news today oh boy,
One thousand wallabies in Winmarleigh Lancashire"

He's looking for a chicken he knows.

'e's aftah a nice pint o foster's.

I saw Furtive Wallabies open for Men at Work.

If the police really did "snap" the roo, I think
the SPCA SHOULD look into it...

He's trying to find the one-armed wombat.

I have friends who call that foreplay.

They didn't catch it? The cops will roo the day.

"And though the roos were rather small,
They had to count them all."

I've shown everyone I know the video of the dog and the wallaby.

Dog: (thinking slowly) That ... Is the biggest ... Rabbit ... I've ever ... Seeeeeeeeeeen!

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