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May 12, 2013


Police called for fornicating frogs

(Thanks to Matt Filar) 


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Put your hands together for the Fornicating Frogs!

Shouldn't the Fornicating Frogs be celebrated at that museum exhibit?

Weren't the Fornicating Frogs the backup singers for the Mothers of Invention?

I saw them open for Phish.

Baraboo Idol audition.

Amplified amplexus annoys assholes.

A tad touchy, eh?

"Bring us fornicating frogs!" shouted the officers ...

Oh, not in that sense of 'called for?' Never mind, then.

How do they know the frogs are fornicating? They may be legally married. People in Baraboo can be so judgmental.

I took the dogs for a walk earlier this week. At first, I thought heavy industrial equipment had invaded our local pond.
I think they were "celebrating".

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