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May 10, 2013


Now they want to take away our right to sell lion tacos.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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'Loin Tacos' WBA better NFARB.

Lions have to eat too, and I'd much rather have lion buying tacos and eating tacos than sneaking into people's tents at night and chewing off an arm. Or is that mosquitoes? Regardless all animal lovers should get together and protest this terrible injustice to taco loving lions.

Just so long as they don't sell lions sixteen-ounce beverages, I don't see a problem.

they arent kosher, silly.


Try telling the lion that!

Too much yanking, they'll go blind.

Lion -- the other, other, other white meat.

I believe Taco Fusion opened for Penis Apology...unless it was for The Tiny Todgers.

So they admitted they were wrong, took them off the menu


swallowed their pride

Well played ligirl, well played.

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