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May 06, 2013


Car park demolished around lone vehicle after owner ‘uncontactable’


(Thanks to The Perts)


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The real story here is that there are apparently no tow trucks in China.

'uncontactable' is not a word in English or Chinese.

At least, it isn't in any world I want to live in.

I wonder if the old Car Talk repartee about "What was the first thing you said, and did it start with 'Oh,'" translates into Mandarin?

How sweet to work around his car! Now how is he supposed to get it out?

Get a buddy with a pickup truck, some 2x6 boards and a couple of six packs and the car would be on pavement in no time.

Just imagine what would have happened if this were in New York City...

The car clearly belongs to the owner of this house.

I suppose we must be somewhat unsophisticated in Canada, because our solution to situations like this would be to TOW THE FRIGGING CAR!!!

Unnecessary "eh" added to above to provide mandatory Canadian content.

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