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May 06, 2013


Police dog eats pet hamster during raid on home

(Thanks to Chuck, and Jeff Meyerson)


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You have the right to remain tasty.

What they don't tell you is that hamster had pulled a shiv and was going to take the police gerbil hostage. That dog is a hero.

This is why we have the 4th Amendment here in America.

' - officers stumbled upon a bald parakeet and Khan was prosecuted by the RSPCA'

A woman had two Parrots, and she was having difficulties figuring out which is a male and which is a female.

One day coming back from work she saw that one of the parrots was on top of the other. She caught the one on top and shaved his head, giving him a baldhead, thinking, now she could identify which is the male or female.

Later that day the woman's huband, who was bald, came home. The parrot called out to him, "Hey mister..." When the man turned, the parrot said, "were you caught fucking too?".

Just curious to know how one makes a dog cough up a piece of fresh meat.

That wouldn't have happened if the dog had tried that with a Kung Fu master:

Kung Fu Hamster

When I was in the Air Force at Clark AB, drug dogs would sniff us every time we went on temporary duty anywhere else. One time a dog alerted on a guy's helmet bag. The dog found a ham sandwich and ate it. No drugs. The guy wanted the Security Police to pay for it. They did not have any funds in the budget for that. Federal Tort Claims Act should have covered it.

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