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May 04, 2013


Psychologist Claims He Can Enlarge Women's Breasts With Hypnosis

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Jeff Meyerson)


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Beer works too - at least if given to the men.

Attention Nobel Committee

This guy gets points for "Most Creative Use of 'The Think System'"

These are not the droids little boobs you want.

How does he hypnotize the breasts?

He is missing the real money maker - a program for men and thinking about longer ......

Without reading the linked article, should I assume the Psychologist takes a "hands on" approach to his practice?

You mean that staring doesn't work?

hey - face is up here!!

There is no try. There is only enlarge or not enlarge.

Freud would be busting with pride.

"If you feel anything while under hypnosis, it's the hands of psychoanalysis working it's little miracle."

"Yes, I am board certified. Rest assured you will be in capable hands."

If people will pay $ 2 for a cup of coffee, anything is possible.

Had a friend 20+ years ago who claimed he could do that. Sadly, he never offered me any proof.

Repeat after me:

Oh Wah

Tah Goo


Luke, use the fourth. May the fourth be with you.

After too much drinking: Revenge of the Fifth.

You are getting very sleepy. You are in a trance state. Repeat after me, "ass small, ass small, ass small".

Make some real money Doc.

Soon he'll have a show on Danish television, no doubt!

What? "Video unavailable?" Fraud!

Klatu Barada Boom Booms.

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