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May 03, 2013


This is a triumph.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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OHHH NOOOOO! Now I have an extremely annoying ear worm. "shift, shift shift..."

Same here WVplantman. We have a local commercial that is supposed to be a spoof of the Witch Doctor song. Except instead of singing the song they just randomly say, "Bing Bang" during the commercial. Of course it's a hot blonde saying this. I have much, much hatred for this commercial and would take the shift,shift,shift guy anyday over the bing bang people.

At least he didn't grab his own stick like the pickup stud in Florida.

At times like this, I wish I had a daughter, so I could forbid her from ever going to this guy's shop!

Reminds me of that naughty puppet show " The Pornography of the Transmission" .

Sumpin' tells me this guy's repair rates are HIGHLY negotiable. Let's BARTER bay-beeeeeee!

Is Oscar Voters the owner of the repair shop?

What ever happened to "You can trust your car to the man who wears the Star...". This add was autoerotic.

I want that VW.

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