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May 01, 2013


Website Allows Users To Rate Prostitutes

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Texas leads the way!

Hello, sailor. Please log in.

I give her a five; she had a great beat but it was hard to dance to.

Candy - rated a 5
Candii - rated a 7
Kandi - rated a 3
Kandy - rated a 6
Candee - rated a 5
Kcandii - rated a 8.2....

If only Columbia, South America had this about a year and a month ago, the SS agents might have been saved embarrassment...

An "Angie's List" for callgirls? Ah, the beauty of the internet...

"Service too slow"

I assume the jokes write themselves.

"Adequate parking in rear"
"heavily renovated"
"too much paint"
"bad smell"


"Comes with attachments"
"Leather accessories"
"Demonstration model"
"Buyer beware"

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