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May 09, 2013


Woman accused of slapping deputy so she’d go to jail and quit smoking

(Thank to jon harris)


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If she hits him twice more, thanks to the three lucky strikes rule, she'll be smoke free forever.

In Texas, if you slap a deputy, you tend to stop breathing all together.

The have a patch for that.

I remember the first time I slapped a deputy. It was behind the bike stands at school. Once I'd slapped one, I couldn't stop. Soon I was slapping 40 a day and my fingers began to smell of their aftershave. It's a familiar story, I suppose. I eventually moved onto slapping sheriffs, police chiefs, judges... Mine is such a tragic tale.

send this cop-slapper to a convent - she could kick the habit there

I slapped the sheriff, but I did not slap the deputy.

Slapping Deputy would be a good secret war name.

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