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May 12, 2013


Tucsonan learns the hard way to keep toilet paper out of the microwave

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I hate watching videos about microwaved toilet paper that catches fire only to have some woman start talking to me about my exclusive gift offer...

I did not know the result wasn't self evident.

This technique actually works to PARTIALLY dry wet work gloves, socks, etc., but you have to do it a minute or two at a time and watch carefully. The idea is to steam off SOME of the moisture, not to turn the leather or cloth into armor or set in on fire. Do not dry shoes in a microwave; the glue may shrink or melt (yes I found out the hard way). I never even thought about toilet paper. Also, do not dry out your cellphone this way either.

I almost named my band Microwave Poodle once.....

Strangely, I've never tried to dry anything at all in the nuker....

In "The Cuckoo's Egg" Cliff Stoll, an astrophysicist, writes about the time he learned the hard way not to dry tennis shoes in the microwave.

I once tried to dry my socks in the office microwave. I admit it was not the most social thing I've ever done. A smell emerged from the microwave that was comfortingly familiar to me but which others described as 'putrid' and 'nauseous'. The office smelt of my feet for weeks afterwards.

The guy is too stupid to learn from this or he wouldn't have tried it to begin with. Who here thinks wet toilet paper will return to its original form if dried out?

When they outlaw microwaves, only outlaws will have microwaves.

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