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May 19, 2013


New breed of ‘Crazy Ants’ which nest everywhere and damage electrical systems are taking over southeastern United States

(Thanks to DaninTustin and Jeff Meyerson, who saw them open for Twisted Sister)


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If they will displace the fire ants, may their tribe increase!

THe squirrels hired them as mercenaries.

lotsa crazy uncles settle down south as well

Biologists and power technicians refer to them as "Squirrel Ants."

So not only do I need to worry about the cicadas but crazy ants too? I'm moving some place sane like Florida or Flathead County. The wild life is getting a little too wild around here.

Let's lasso summa them thar violent winds of Uranus and blow their little butts right offa the planet!

All aboard the Geezermobile for a trip to Taco Bell!

I saw them open for Alien Ant Farm.

Heck, they were Alien Ant Farm!

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