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May 03, 2013


Two Air India pilots put the lives of 166 passengers on a Bangkok-Delhi flight in danger by taking a 40-minute break from the cockpit and getting two flight attendants to operate the plane in their absence. Their stunt almost ended in disaster after one of the flight attendants accidentally turned off the auto-pilot, forcing the pilots to rush back to their seats.

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Still better than a Labrador retriever named "Boomer" sniffing the controls, I suppose.

Not all bhatts know how to fly, I guess.

"Captain Soni did not leave the cockpit immediately; instead, he spent a few minutes teaching the two flight attendants how to operate the aircraft."

Jeez, you'd think that would take at least half an hour.

And we thought only Russian airline pilots did this sort of thing.

Russian incidents are usually caused by pilots fiddling with the dash cam.

All passengers received tickets for another Air India flight, no doubt.

"This was illustrated perfectly when Captain Soni and First Officer Nath were forced to rush back to their seats after one of the flight attendants accidentally switched off the auto-pilot, endangering the lives of everyone on board."

I'm glad that was "perfectly illustrated"...

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